• Antara Basu


I stand with today’s feminism because privileged fools too ignorant to the real world who advertise books by nullifying the efforts of the hundreds and thousands who have fought and are yet fighting for a world that doesn’t drown in patriarchal dominance.

I stand with today’s feminism because the word feminism encompassing the word ‘feminine’ does not mean that the movement does not stand up for its men. The term feminism was coined in the 1800s, in the backdrop of a world where women existed as second-class citizens. With time though, the movement has evolved to extend its scope to each and every gender and each and every purpose that stands for equality. But what privilege doesn’t recognise is that women in general still live with far greater disparity than men.

I stand with today’s feminism because today privilege advocates domestic violence against males and females, to demean an entire movement on the basis of nonsensical and distorted notions of basically everything. A movement that is working towards the exact same cause, a movement that wants to dismantle violence against all genders and to provide support and an equal platform for men to speak out because historically due to once again patriarchy violence against men hasn’t been accorded due regard. Because feminism = “Ladka ya Ladki kisi ko bhi joote nhi padhne chahiye

I stand with today’s feminism because it tells me to respect women not because of the gender they were born into, but about the basic human dignity and basic human respect that every one is entitled to regardless of gender. And this basic respect is something that women have been denied for long because patriarchy incessantly reduces women to worthless, human breeders. Feminism doesn’t tell you to worship women because of their gender, it just talks about according to people basic respect.

I stand with today’s feminism because educated fools think that the correct response to someone’s unsolicited comments on your clothes is. “Thank you, I’ll put it in.” I hope feminism, the same movement that they demean teaches them that a girl’s visible bra strap isn’t for you to comment on. Because a visible bra strap isn’t “something wrong.” Wrong is the assumption that you have any right to dictate for others, what's right and what wrong for their choice of clothing.

I stand with today’s feminism because privilege looks into a camera to tell the world that one of the ways of earning respect is to earn a name, a position for yourself. As if girls in our country aren’t married off before they can even speak, as if girls across communities are barred from educating themselves because at the end of the day; what's the job of a woman except for the home and the hearth.

I stand with today’s feminism because privilege stands here callously talking about Jyoti Singh, and millions of other women in a pathetic attempt to justify the defamation of an entire movement. Nirbhaya isn’t a comeback nor is she an example. She is one of the millions who underwent horrific abuse at the hands of savages and brutes. Yet those screams fall onto the deaf years of privilege who thinks it is justified to degrade the pain of those who fell unto the traps of patriarchy, toxic masculinity which portrays men as sex-starved animals with libidos and women as sex objects. And at the same time, it is a little something called feminism which has been screaming itself hoarse, standing up for people of all genders who were victims of sexual assault.

I stand for today’s feminism because I feel all those years of efforts fight and the contributions of amazing men and women absolutely debased and nullified by the logic lined words of privilege who propagate “HUMANISM.” Engulfed in the false notion that men and women are equal, so let me portray a little peek of reality; a society which still practices female foeticide cannot claim that men and women are equal, a society that still spews honour killings cannot claim that men and women are equal, a society which justifies rape by the choice of clothes, states of inebriety and the time of the night cannot claim men and women are equal. So, no men and women are not equal yet. Perhaps one day we will be, a world where we would no longer require feminism, where it’d be a movement of the past but right now, we aren’t there yet. And we cannot become equal until we achieve equity until we all stand at the same baseline, a common starting point for all.

Note: To understand the context of this blog post, kindly go ahead and watch the video recently posted by a girl explaining why she is against feminism.