• Antara Basu


There she stands again, bound and chained

Within the shackles of suppression,

She struggles to rise, only delving further and farther

She fights to rip through the spirals of Draupadi’s drapes,

Trying to escape the echoes of Nirbhaya’s screams,

Breaking past the walls of Asifa’s innocence.

All these years,

Trapped by lies, scorned by words

The confines, invisible but invincible

Embracing her all over, colder than the whispers

Of the aurora gale.

Puppeteered by the patriarchy,

With powers mightier than the Excalibur

It slashed her strings one by one.

The Eden she coveted became her path to perdition.

And as she falls to her knees,

The cry of hope fades,

To the despaired wail of the hopeless.

The melancholies of the earth; music to her ears

Tales of endless love succumb to fables,

Of forced caresses and coerced impulses.

Masquerading as love;

Though they know nothing of the language of love,

For the verses of desecration run wild through the veins.

Stumbling through the edges

The fight within barely ignites, the flames turn to ashes

But the phoenix hasn’t survived.