• Antara Basu


She beholds the world, the epitome of all landscapes She hears the wails of aching hearts, the screams of fading innocence. She feels the parched throats yearning for Adam's ale She fights the rumblings of empty stomachs , the cacophonies of coerced kisses Her eyes bleed red, her heart pours hate, And all glows dark.

And yet she tries to fight, Fight the binds of the dark, The darkness of the world, in all it's great glory Spills the chains of invincibility, But she struggles for the world's Achilles heel, And in this spectacle she sees, celestial hues of light Miniscule sparks that lightens the world Spewed with antiquity they seem faint, And she reaches out, to touch each spark.

The chirping of dawn skies, whispers of twilight nights. She sees the temple by the mosque, Listens to melodies of bhajans and the Fajr Azan intertwining into one. She feels the laughter of camaraderie

The giggles of love and amity. She revels in the warmth of strange kindness. The binds of the dark beginning to loosen,

She grasps onto the sparks, Breaking away from the dark, She mocks the world battling futile fights, And as the light grows, She begins to write, To let go, to breathe, to survive, to live. Words in her eyes, a story in her heart. She begins the fable of hope.